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Criterion Health Inc, Healthcare Consulting
Criterion Health, Inc.
Robert Dyer, Ph.D. - Managing Principal
Phone: 425 830-1247
Email: bobd@criterionhealth.net

Charles Ray, M.A. - Principal
Fairfax, VA
Phone: 301-213-6201
Email: charlesr@criterionhealth.net 

William Ullrich, J.D. – Principal
Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-727-5045
Email: billu@criterionhealth.net 

Common business mail address:
Criterion Health, Inc.
6513 132nd Ave NE PMB194
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: 425 830-1247

Criterion Health, Inc.
Behavioral Health Consultation and Management Services

Criterion Health, Inc. provides healthcare consulting and management services to health and behavioral health providers, hospitals, employers and government.

What we do: Criterion provides clients with a variety of business solution choices in its service array from brief consultations to turnkey, staffed program or product solutions delivered to an organization. Our menu of current services includes:

  • Building and managing provider sponsored benefits management systems

  • Building and managing specialty benefits management systems, i.e. autism or child welfare benefits

  • Designing and building assisted living products

  • Building emergency room diversion programs

  • Building and managing disease management programs

  • Maintaining program evaluation services

  • Maintaining research / grant programs

  • Maintaining performance improvement programs

  • Maintaining compliance programs

  • Researching and building revenue development services

To ensure a tailored match of products to the client, payer, and market, Criterion:

  • Provides consulting on planning, organizational, revenue and program development

  • Conducts clinical, literature, and market research

  • Builds and maintains evidence-based products

  • Builds training materials and sustaining operational guidelines and processes

  • Provides sustaining on-site management, program evaluation and compliance monitoring systems

  • Provides on-going support and management services

  • Provides complete services to build, install and maintain disease management or population management programs

Criterion brings performance accountability and extensive research capabilities to its projects to assure maximum value and on-time delivery.

How we do it: Criterion has developed the highly effective and successful 3-D SystemDesign, Develop, Deliver.

DesignDESIGN: provide the information and expertise to assist you in making informed decisions

DevelopDEVELOP: provide the support and expertise to organize services
DeliverDELIVER: provide sustaining operational services that assure you meet your quality and performance

From planning retreats to staffed solutions, Criterion delivers experienced, team-based professional help to assure your change efforts success.

Criterion Health, Inc.
Behavioral Health Consultation and Management Services


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